Confidence & Compliance

Shut-eye angel,
They’re cutting you to pieces.
Your innocence is intoxicating,
I’m about to inhale and
It’s corrupting my veins.
Screaming, we dive into
The deepest parts of
Our forbidden, foreign affairs.
This is a deep, dark secret
That I’m too bad at keeping.
Cue for the set to change
As we leap into the future.
Will our paths remain tied like
Your fingers grasping at mine?
It isn’t the lie that you hate,
But the bad liar that often
Spouts words you don’t believe.
So, fib a little more
And see how far we go.

You looked so much prettier
Through the ink in my notebook.
Clean yourself up, baby.
This is about to get a bit dirty.
A drop of sweat runs from
The small of your back
And I’m hypnotized again.
Oh, love, it can’t get better
When your always looking
Like such a lonely, little girl.
I told you I would absorb
Every sorrow that plagues you,
Yet you faked a small smile
As if I couldn’t understand.
Shedding the coward inside,
I attempt to ease your pain.
Still you press a cherry pink kiss
Upon my stumbling lips
And place my fumbling fingers
Upon your tantalizing hips.
Again I accept this compromise,
While hoping to offer
A bit more comfort than
The last times we bared our sins.

Rikki [not romance]

Confidence & Compliance

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