Inspiration For A 7AM Dose Of Fantasy

Still morning air
like our long awkward silence;
we breathe it in like poison.
I’m blinded by the dawn light
refracted by your glass wings.
The universe shrinks to you and me;
our sweet whispers of romantic nothings
silence the songs of the birds.
This night after feeling is swept along
with our passionate insomnia;
I’ll sing you whatever you want to hear.
Streetlights fade away as they are replaced
with the rays we breathe in,
connected by these rays, I’m melting into you.
AM ride on an airplane, they graze across our sky
like my fingers dancing across your blushing cheeks.
This light may burn my eyes,
but I will stare at it forever.
Burn me like love bites on soft skin as all is purified;
I’m not an angel, baby, but I will fly you to heaven.
You stand before me
wearing only the morning light
and I will never regret our sins of love and passion.
The world awakes and we dive back
into our alternate reality as
your silent footsteps across the carpet are deafening.
As the door shuts, the sound resonates
throughout this broken bed top paradise.
Your tear stains on the pillowcase are
covered by the sweet and sorrowful ink of my pen.
I lie across the warmth you left behind.
We were never morning people after all.

I guess I really am bad at happy endings. The house is silent; everyone is still sleeping and I have yet to close my eyes for longer than a blink, just long enough to remember you.

Rikki [not romance]

Inspiration For A 7AM Dose Of Fantasy

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