Flip The Coin And Call It Coincedence

I am your dead weight. Woven words of lust trail past your collarbone. We are sultry and mysterious; don’t get involved because we just may tear you apart. Replace those sobs of misery with a smirk that frightens the mirror. Fire away, light up the sky with your electric guitar riffs. Those lyrics wash over you like your first kiss, clumsy and innocent. Speakers of steel, I’m a warrior, baby, and those harsh words fall upon sad-song ears. Dance the night away as your eyes feign ignorance. Breaking the walls down, we expose you to the painful light of day. It washes away the smiles you painted on and blood on your hands; you are so vulnerable, love. Would you rather have one person that can kiss away your flaws or hundreds of porcelain dolls loving your synthetic coffin that you’ve wrapped yourself in? Cherish me because I’m worthless. Hold me because I’m too naive. Kiss me because I always say the wrong thing.

“Pick the poison and pour yourself a glass.” My ears are numb from the shrieking. Your trembling kiss told a bland dream, but I will kiss you again like a bad addiction. One day you’ll never come back for more. Whiper sweet nothings like a mother to her nightmaring child. Dear, your lyrics are numbing this life that I never wanted to live. Tell me I’m a sad child; say I should simply end it all. If I keep listening, will I follow your directions like I always do? Instead of turning me down just turn me over, so I never have to see that disappointed expression again in this jaded lifetime. I’m passing in and out of my reality.

You’re getting ahead of yourself and I’m walking backwards into a freight train. I can’t let go; our bruised fingertips stick like saliva tongues on rainbow gumdrops. This headphone therapy is beginning to make these reckless sinning a little easier. music&&mayhem.

Rikki [not romance]

Flip The Coin And Call It Coincedence

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