Bloodshot Eyes & Silver Fingers

When you let go of your blasphemy, we started to shorten these steps. I’m waltzing across your computer screen in the form of tantalizing words. You fell in love with my big words leading elusive lives and my short, meaning-less words strung together. Those nails are silver like blades of ice, cutting my confidence to pieces and they stain my hands red with misunderstanding. I’m a mistress and whore wearing a facade of cocky words. We’re so similar, yet so out of step. I made your skin into a blanket because your whispers send shivers down my back. Even with your bloody corpse draped across me like a lover, I won’t become yours, will I? I obsess and undress as I sidle up to you.

In my crazy world of black sheep and thunder, you are the most beautiful and yet the most hideous. I folded cranes out of your crestfallen words and watched as they flew away. Always flying away, I’m your horror mixed with a romantic comedy; just add some drama to the mix. Two cups of sugar and three cups of ice, you’re hard liquor on the rocks, babe. It burns as it goes down, but I still crave for more. This is my sin, my taint.

Love, your euphemisms incinerate my tongue.

Rikki [not romance]

Bloodshot Eyes & Silver Fingers

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