We Were Naive And Naked, Dressed Only In Our Love For Each Other

I’m not a fan of your fallen angel words and the dead don’t deserve our pity. It’s disappointing how easily we change like how we shed our clothes and cross a new threshold. What a poor bulimic girl! I keep spitting out these words that I never meant to say to you. Oh, sorry to say that I lost my interest in you. Those pretty faces never last very long. You’re such a whore, but somehow it doesn’t bother me or my kiss-bruised lips. Excuse me, I guess I just lied to you again, but who ares if it’s a lie anymore. We’re so delusional from the caffeine and lust in our bloodstream.

Oh, sinner sinner! You’re gonna’ burn in hell, kid.

Heart kissed and sealed. I’m the little girl that used to vie for your attention, but we shed that skin a while ago. We littered the magazine covers with our harsh temptation. You’re such a bad liar; you’ll lose your tongue, kid. I wished for something without the courage and I guess I’m fine with that. You can despise me, but we’re meant for one another and this isn’t something you can escape. Keep searching for some support because I’m tired of your indecision. You’re burning up with the fever and I’m burning up all the beautiful words that are only ephemeral, melting all the broken mirrors.

You’ve been wearing that facade for far too long; it’s gotten old and started to crumble away. What was once steel is now just a paper mask filled with bullet-holes. You’re my target, darling, and I hate to tell you, but I never lose.I guess I’m just a bit too good for you. Take me like a pill, I’ll travel through your veins and take your pain away. Don’t betray me and I’ll keep you safe forever. I’m just a bit possessive, avaricious, and bitchy. However I’ve got enough love to fill your veins, arteries, and capillaries, babe.

Rikki [not romance]

We Were Naive And Naked, Dressed Only In Our Love For Each Other

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