Addicted To Toxin

Stay in this cage of arms
Just for a few more hours,
Until I can rip away these heartstrings
That keep me bound to you.
I’m a poet buying cheap words
To keep the woe out of your heart,
Yet it dances across your lips.
Like my lips keeping you
Safe, sound, and seductive.
Dear, don’t return this letter,
You opened it with ruthless fingers.
Rip away at these heartstrings.
I’m running a high fever from touching you.
(Or is it the anthrax that’s got me hooked?)
Keep it secret, keep it safe.
I’ve left my heart in your care.
Even when the sun starts to shine again
And though the wind keeps blowing;
I’ll release these feeling with
A skip, a hop, and a jump.
Until this fine line blends with
The trails of saliva running down your back.
I travel down these trails,
Leading to the sweetest rose I’ve plucked apart.
I say this with sincerity and utmost conviction,
“We aren’t simply caught up in the romance.”
You’ve left me out and about for far too long;
I’m long gone, rusted away and stale.
Peel away at the barrier of skin until
All of my organs are bare.
I’m running on caffeine and nicotine,
While tripping over my feet.
I’m constantly running back to you,
The illusion left in my heart.

It’s written freely without a picture in my mind. Maybe that’s why I’m such a horrible poet.

Rikki [not romance]

Addicted To Toxin

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