Angels & Mermaids

With these filthy lips, I reach for you. The touch of a fingertip sets them on fire, burning away these lustful desires. I’m evil to the core and full of sin, yet I continue to reach for you. Those haunting dreams fall like snowflakes, dyeing your lips a painful rouge. I can’t hide from you anymore. Keep reaching out to you as the snow melts to escape my touch. So fragile, yet I lust for you. Suffering for you. I will rip away these wings and though it hurts the most; I fall for you. Give me your burnt lips and icy fingertips; escape with me. We can no longer run inside this frozen water. A mirror to reflect my sin. The darkness consumes me, yet I will never stop searching for you. They are red tears that fall and stain all I see. The tears of my skin that cries because it cannot touch you. The tears of my cuts caused by my skin fighting for a glimpse of you. This prison of light that blinds me; if only you could find me on the other side of this mirror.

Rikki [not romance]

Angels & Mermaids

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