I’m A Secret Dealer, Selling Secrets For a Cheap Fuck

The rain drops fall like your thunderous feelings that are toward the one you can’t reach. We don’t have technical difficulties; we’re just running a bit behind the times. I tend to make promises without the intentions of keeping them in hopes they’ll soothe your feelings. Numb them if they could. I’ll paint you a beautiful shade of silver, so you’ll shine as we wade out in the rain trying to drown our hapless lives away. Take my hand and we could submerge ourselves in impure feelings. I can accept you like you never could. So take this peace offering and hold on with a grip that turns your hands blue just like I imagined you would turn when my hands tempt themselves into strangling you to death. I’m a secret murderer. I kill them and they crack into fairy dust as they are taken away by the wind. Are they secrets whispered between lovers or are they bones? I’ll eat away at you because this is acid affection that burns as I plead to maintain this grasp on your feelings. You’re letting me go. Everything I wish for abandons me because I wish for too much. Rip me apart until the flesh that’s poisoned with me is shredded to pieces I can’t hear it anymore, the rain drops on the windowsill, because my ears, heart, and every piece of me is too taken up with you.This is loveless romance; apathetic passion that runs cold in my veins when I’m left soaked through because I waited for you.

Rikki [not romance]

I’m A Secret Dealer, Selling Secrets For a Cheap Fuck

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