Lacking in Promise and Beautiful Words

It’s alright; I’ll be here for each of your tears. My hands are shaking from every other heartbeat racking my brain for just the right words to say. I’m not a liar when you lean your head on my shoulder just to say, “I feel lonely every second of my life.” I promise, I’ll cure you of all you suffering. I’d sprout wings and fly to you like an overly played heroine of a comic book. I promise, I won’t let you fall. “I always feel like I’m falling for the wrong person.” Would you believe could stay here forever? Rotting away and returning to the six foot hell that let us free. I’m not a sentimental moment holder because they tend to sprout the wings I can’t find and leave beyond the bars I can’t pass. These exam questions you slip, as though they were casual a mentioning, are spinning webs of mental poison and confusion. Yet I never want to be set free from this grasp that stains my body red, burning away my impurity. I’ll apologize for not being beautiful, but I’ll be elated if my hideousness will make you feel the slightest bit more beautiful. I’m bracing for impact; these words will hurt. “When you’re with me, I feel like you’d be happier if I walked away.” I don’t know what words to say; they’re caught in my thoat. logged and they’re not ss-sslipping away. Set me free. It can’t work like this; only saying the words that a convenient. But I don’t even know how to start. Is it “Oh…” or “Um, well…” or do we just scream until our lung give out? These burns aren’t fading and my notebooks out of pages because I keep writing about you. This isn’t a love song, but I want to tell you I’ll never leave you. It’s not a sad song, but we all know tears can’t smile. I’m slipping words that I don’t even understand because their flooding out of my cut up, uneven, sinful fingertips that are just longing for a caress of your skin, hair, whatever I can get. Tell me, is it my fault for promising you the world when I just realized there’s more than just you and me?

Rikki [not romance]

Lacking in Promise and Beautiful Words

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