I Spit The Same Self-Pitying Lines And Hope You Never Notice

These are my scattered seductive words of betrayal and sin recorded on any scrap of paper I can find.

They dance across the crevices of your body, the shadows, as you twist yourself between the sheets. Are you trying to run from your nightmares? Or are you escaping me? These puppet strings tie you to your lewd words and movements. I’ll watch you slip across a television screen. This is you and me, imprinting ourselves into one another. Hide your face from these silent whispers draining the sweat from your innocent skin. I’ll wash you clean as we bathe in the fires of sin. This is your salvation. I’ll save you from your nightmares, after all it’s not like we’ll ever sleep.

I listen to pretty boys when they tell me I’m beautiful through my blaring speakers.

Don’t get full of yourself just because I said I like you. I don’t care who’s your fucking boyfriend or who he’s fucking. You brag about your clan of boytoys, but in the end they don’t even give a shit who you are. It’s how fast the skirt comes off that matters. Spend your time practicing how to put on mascara that will only wash off with your tears when you find yourself 16 and pregnant and alone. That pistol will look good when it’s grasped in you blood coated hand; just as good as when I killed you all. A slim, pale neck in my hands. I swear, I’m not going insane. I’m just fine with lying and saying I’m fine. That bruise around your neck spells “I love you.” I swear, I love you. Even if I’m lying with blind and bleeding eyes, does it really matter? We’re all looking blindly into voids screaming words we don’t mean. I painted my hands red with my love, or was it your blood as I submerged myself in you?

Be my diary and I’ll give you my words.

I wiped utter defeat across your face. Did you get a nice taste of my blood? This isn’t trying to make you lose; it’s your doom’s day. My blade of hate will eat you from the inside, blackening you tears. Wrath. This sin burns the skin of my facade; no face remains. I am the goddess of sin and death, coming for you lies. No stars will light this darkness in my heart of coal. My cauterized heart. Break away the shield of hateful words. Did you find a lantern for your darkness or a monster to consume you? Black sails coming for you will take away the pain. When everything leaves you, I will be here with your revenge. A shadow blade of revenge lives in one hand, while my other holds a gun to my head. A gun to numb my heart. Or is it a needle to inject my sins into you? This goddess has 14 limbs. I carry a lantern to bring you to me; you will seek me as I burn you away.

If I could breathe you into my lungs, I would live on you forever.

I can hear my heartbeat when I look at you, but you’ve sealed your mouth like a true smooth talker with a silver-iced tongue. Hold back this smile with bittersweet butterfly kisses. Is this how you say goodbye? I see the moon when I look you straight in the eyes; you make me want to look away. Clear azure eyes reflecting the lake in you. I could read you like a drifting cloud sealing away a smile. You’ve got an innocent smile that’s playing with fire. Did you burn my words away? I can’t speak to you when fairy dust is all that comes out of my mouth. Is it because I devoured your dreams? Black regret drifts like a layer of oil in your sea, coating me in the darkness you tried to wash away. I’m darker than black, yet more pure than an angel’s wings when you’re wishing me goodbye. It’s you death wish passed off as a prayer, but I love your taboo lips. You’ve bulletproof, poison fangs with the god’s last breath in your palm. Don’t hide from me; I know how to speak the language of sinners too.

Sorry if I listened for shorter than expected, I’ve got an addiction to change.

Rikki [not romance]

I Spit The Same Self-Pitying Lines And Hope You Never Notice

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