Sanctuary Is No Place On Earth

The sky started falling as we entered the room. And we watched our world turn to ashes. Burnt rubber lingered in the air from the moment your drove me out. I’m you race car to the moon. I’ll take you there. You don’t have to worry, I’m pretty handy. This is our midnight kiss. Goodbye. It’s not enough when all you say is “goodbye.” I promise you, I’ll take you there. The moon was golden from our good intentions as we out shined the sun. I’m not a good liar, but I’ll say that you look beautiful tonight. Swollen lips tell wholesome lies, so won’t you kiss me blue? I promise you, I’ll take you there. I could be you if you gave me a hand. Dependant tongues. We repeat the same stories. And the same smiles. Our faces are mirrors; did you know I’ve never lied to you? These fingers are spinning webs of complicated feelings. These complicated feelings feed on our poison hearts. Tell me I look beautiful tonight. Even if you lie, it’s alright. The truth is just what we believe, so I’ll believe you. And we’ll paint this twilight a painful shade of purple. This purple of your hideous car that we sit in till the sky fades. This purple of the bruise on your hand because I won’t let you go. We’re beggars. Fasten the handcuffs, so you can never let go. I promised you, I’ll take you there. “I’m sorry, you aren’t who I thought you were.” I thought you were my spaceship for a broken heart. Exchange your tickets at the front of the line. We’re all inching for the 9th level of Hell. I promised, I’ll take you there. Because I’m your fallen angel of charcoal wings and I’ll paint your eyes black as you think of me.

Rikki [not romance]

Sanctuary Is No Place On Earth

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