Sins Playing The Part Of Romance

I can hear my heartbeat when I look at you, but you’ve sealed your mouth like a true smooth talker with a silver ice tongue. Hold back this smile with bittersweet butterfly kisses. Is this how you say goodbye? I see the moon when I look you straight in the eyes; you make me want to look away. Clear azure eyes reflecting the lake in you. I could read you like a drifting cloud sealing the sunshine. You’ve got an innocent smile that’s playing with fire. Did you burn my words away? I can’t speak to you when fairy dust is all that comes out of my mouth. Is it because I devoured your dreams? Black regret drifts like a layer of oil in your sea, coating me in the darkness you tried to wash away. I’m darker than black, yet more pure than an angel’s wings when you’re wishing me goodbye. It’s your death wish passed off as a prayer, but I love your taboo lips. You’ve got bulletproof, poison fangs with the god’s last breath in your palm. Don’t hide from me; I know how to speak the language of sinners too.

Rikki [not romance]

Sins Playing The Part Of Romance

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