Land Of Angels

Daybreak told me you would never know the truth, but I feel like this secret is biting at my tongue. Or are those your lies that I keep hiding for you? We flee like loves at the end of summer. We lie like only bastards do. Is that why we’re so perfect for one another? Criminals in dancing shoes; let’s break down this town. I told it doesn’t matter is you leave me behind; you’ve got more important things now. You’ve found the missing cracks in your heart that spell out ‘Lover’, have you not? I’m just the girl that ran in step with you; danced in step with you, cut her throat for you. Compared to giving you life, my gift of death just isn’t worth anything to you.

I’m a liar that lies alone. In this cold bed, I used to dream of you. Now you’ve got something more important than the girl who smiled for you. She’s calm; I’m not. She’s beautiful; I’m not. She’ll make time for you; I won’t anymore. But you’re the same as I am, aren’t you? You’re a horrible person too. We’re meant for each other because we wallow in our misery. Like devils, we’ll tear your wings away. Or am I the devil, shining a mirror in my own eye, telling myself that you’re the same because I’ve sunken in too deep? You’ve flown away into your sky of downy feather that I’ve fallen from. My feathers are blackened for all my sins. My blood red painted jealousy.

These souls won’t heal themselves and I will rot with them. Decay until my hideous flesh is gone and all that’s left is the dead, black heart beating in your fist. Maybe you’ll give it back if I apologize for loving you too much.

Rikki [not romance]

Land Of Angels

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