Black As Love

She asked him with a quivering voice, terrified to hear his answer. “If I asked for your heart, would you give it to me? If I gave you mine in return? Would we live happily ever after? If I begged with all my heart, would you let me kill you and give me your last breath?” The air ceased to flow through the lungs of the young lovers. Time stilled and all the world faded imploded in the intensity of their love. Her doubts overflowed, running down her cheeks in the form of her tears. Would he refuse her? Would he tell her that they were not meant to be? Achingly slowly, his hand reached for hers with a feathery light touch as her salty nightmares ran down to her quivering jaw. A nearly silent gasp escaped past her rose-brushed lips.

“I would give you my hand if you held a burden. I would take your hurt and tears and hold them in my heart until it aches with the pain of purgatory. I would still your quivering lips with kisses gentle as air over an angel’s wings. I will do all I can for you, but I will tie myself to you for you are my master, my sun, my fallen angel that I stole from the sky. If you wish it, I will tear my beating heart from my chest and my last breath will be worthless to you for it will only be another confession of my love for you.”

Steadily, he placed her hand on his chest and together their two hands tore his heart out of his chest. Beating still, it bled with the pure obsession of his. She gasped as the red liquid of passion, the red liquid of aching and true love fell like raindrops on the dark ground staining the ground. His eyes closed with the pain of love as her tears fell with those red drops of his heart. And as they rained upon the ground, his dead corpse fell. Still from the obsession, the attraction, the passion. She held his dying heart in her hand as her hands were stained red from his bloody romance.

“You are wrong. I am no angel; you are my angel. I saw you gloriously flying through the soft clouds and I ripped off your wings so you could not leave me, yet you still find an escape from me. Do you hate me? Why do you leave me here? I love you, please don’t try to escape from me.”

She held his still corpse. This taboo love binded them with chains of broken passion, unrequited love for the light in one another’s eyes. Softly, the rain began to fall as the angel and demon faded into darkness.

Rikki [not romance]

Black As Love

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