Dark Revelation

This comes from a heart with a fluttering heart.

I’m an evil person. A person with no hopes or dreams, feigning creativity. What happened to those words that you said were so beautiful? They burned away at your skin as your tears of black fell on my dead heart. My innocence left me as soon as I left the womb. This world is tainted with my life. My deep darkness. What can I hope for when I deserve nothing? You tell me this face is fake, this evil face covers innocence. And if it doesn’t? Would you still stay by my side? I’m greedy and bathed in envy. I want it all, but everything I touch turns to ashes. Have I cremated you yet? These fingers dance across black keys typing black words. They’re black just like the night sky of my mind. There is no moon, no stars, no traces of emotions. I bled out of my eyes, bleeding out my memories. I’m a living corpse filled with maggots and rotting away. Will you take my hand and embrace me still? Will you let me take you life?

Rikki [not romance]

Dark Revelation

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