Ignore (Ants)

My voice shakes as I try to grab your attention. Opening these pale, chapped lips that close without a sound. They peel with the millions of words that try to escape. Should I raise my hand? Throw a book against and wall and break various objects? Scream in pure, teenage, cliché angst? Please, just hear my pleas to hear me out. This useless mouth locks up with steel bolts and keys, locking me out of this conversation. Am I simply oblivious or ignorant? The ants crawl up my nerves as my mouth opens and closes once again. “I’m HERE! I’m ALIVE!” I scream… in my mind. Do I hide behind a silent movie screen that paints me in black and white? This catastrophe in my mind needs to escape through my mouth, pose itself into plausible words. But words move through a mouth that is not mine as my lips part once again. I’ll beg, “please, hear me!” My knees are scraped from the pleading. The ants bite and crawl throughout my skin as I’m pushed off into a corner. Should I simply forfeit this battle and continue my fall downward into the fires of hell and beyond. The words not spoken bleed through paper painted black with ink. My face and tears are painted black with the words not spoken. Do I ignore the ants crawling through my veins and feign ignorance?

Rikki [not romance]

Ignore (Ants)

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