Winter Air Upon Frozen Tears (Midnight Hurricane)

It was a hurricane of the heart’s warm spring
Ripping out my insides
Like dead falling leaves
On snow white ground
“This was a misunderstanding…”
As white coats tore her away.
Don’t place any blame,
Be free of all tying you down
On painted red sheets he told me.
“You’re only as good as
The worst one around you.”
He was always a hurricane
Shredding my letters
On which I had shed blood.
I was a tie around his throat
Squeezing till the cool winds
Became still as a midnight kiss
Bittersweet and synthetic
Melting away, as we sink downward
We’re always moving downward
But he’d never understand
Because he’s the still winter air
Giving me breath
As I melt it away.
I wanted to shout to you
Scream that I hate you
Shriek that I never cared about you
But as you escaped to white linen heaven
On the fourth floor of the psych ward
I knew I had lost you for good.
This is farewell to my breath,
Farewell to my hurricane.
My lungs, my fingertips
My unsteady, quivering lips
Will miss the life you gave me.

Rikki [not romance]

Winter Air Upon Frozen Tears (Midnight Hurricane)

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