Bullet For A Love Story

Encased in our misery, we run to forever. Ends of the Earth taste of bitterness when dipped in midnight blood. We are the people of 3 AM. Starlight existence guides us from heartless murderers as we erase ourselves. Hidden in dark crevices filled with sin. Bullet-hole oaths for Christmas card smiles. Do you see the cracks in my eyes. Bleeding out my existence, I dive into our black sanctuary. My head is dizzy with the confusion you injected into me.

On this haunting night, I swear to you I’ll leave this to be one on one together. My hands turned blue from the icy winds in your heart. Was I ever there? I’m playing my part as you scream infinities at me. What character are you in this nightmare of mine? We play like fingers on a computer screen. You just want to touch every one of my words that burn your eyes. Reach out and embrace this broken abyss. Reach out and give me a place in your arms.

Does your soul have scabs all over it like me? I come home wishing for hell every day. My magical headphones take me away from this white-walled box that cages me in. I could fly if you just let me. I could lose my voice if you keep telling me to sing. On my wrist I wear a black pen smile to replace the lost look on my face. “Sorry” and “Thanks” only come from our lips. Tell me how to be me.

Withered people, we hide in our dying inner light. All I’ve got is my inner darkness that chews on my flesh, burning away my body and leaving my sins. Eyelids hide me from you as you lay next to her. She’s got everything I don’t, doesn’t she? Envy only turns me green as I suffocate. Kill me and let me break my heart, so this won’t ever hurt again. Break me. You’re a week too late and 10 steps too far away.

Rikki [not romance]

Bullet For A Love Story

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