The Pleasant Memory Dandelion

Returning to the same cold biting tone, I return to you like a boomerang. In the palm of your hand you hold my everything that I’d give it all away. This is our dirty little secret that no one would want to know. Don’t let it out. Don’t let me go. Bruised finger tips and kiss brushed lips, I know what you’ve done. Forever means “I’m not paying for this cheap fuck.” You can’t deny this truth. Back flip for a pretty penny, flip back the pages again. This confession doesn’t need your full attention because without you, I need no mention. I don’t exist without you. The halcyon days were chased away by the heart tied with a noose to my sleeve. Believe in me and I could cure this heart ache disease. I’d do it all for you with no exception, don’t forget me. You are my lifetime, my beginning and end; I can’t go on this way. I could live in your heart, as cold as ice, just to be with you always. To die with you, I’ll meet you by the gates where I’m tossed back to purgatory. Wait for me, because you know I’m on this constant rotation back to you. This is the boomerang heart break sequence.

Rikki [not romance]

The Pleasant Memory Dandelion

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