Summer Romance (Once In A Lifetime)

Stop playing games for once
How much can your sleeve fit?
I’m done with stepping on feet
Every thing’s become a secret
I hoped this state was just temporary
But I always judge you wrong
You’re like a drug in my veins
Ripping apart the vital organs
Stabbing at my heart
I can’t get over you
When you’re so deep in my veins
I want to stop breathing you in
Tell me, once and for all
Just settle this and put me to rest
I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep
This whole lifetime
Maybe I’ll never let you go
So just cut me loose
Stop tying this rope tighter around my neck
Around my heart and my wrists.
For once, prove me wrong
Show me you weren’t lying
When you said I was your “once in a lifetime”
Because I told you the same
And I’ll never regret that, this, you.
A lifetime’s a lifetime
You’re my only one
My only poison and you’re killing me.

Rikki [not romance]

Summer Romance (Once In A Lifetime)

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