Left Hand Lover

Your breath rises
 Like fire through my veins
I can’t just give up
Now can I?
This isn’t a winter song
I’m writing for you in the summer
This is a winter song
I’m writing to forget you
Every thing’s so white and pure
Would my voice carry you away?
Far off like falling leaves
I’m running to escape you
This is a time for
Ring around my neck
Pockets full of magic
A magic we couldn’t see
You can’t keep blaming
This all on me
Let’s play out like a lover’s scene
Waltzing across the movie screen
A beat for breaking hearts
Who’s life are you ruining tonight?
She’s got a Hollywood face
And a camera-ready smile
Was that all you were looking for
A quick fix with “FrEe NaKeD PiX!!!11!!”
Posted all over the internet
I’m the Queen of Dramatics and Asphyxiation
Oh, you could have been my king.

Rikki [not romance]

Left Hand Lover

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