Prom Night Stopped My Heart And I’m Way Past Breathing

My life is bound in one, two, three. We’re dancing in circles again. One, Two, Three. Snap. It’s all good again, now isn’t it. It’s like every time I get so close, you’re pushing me farther away. Please, don’t push me away. I want some breath in my lungs; I want some blood in my veins. Keep me safe and warm, I’m here for you. Always. Forever more, condemn my love. Tell me we’re fine. But it’s been a year since I’ve seen your face; 31,536,000 seconds without breathing. My face is blue from all this I’m trying not to say to you. I love you. It’s really quite simple, what made this all so hard? I didn’t just wake up one day with the intention to kill, but maybe this is our end. Maybe I was meant for love lost. Maybe days will stop halting and running into my slow motion car crash. One day, maybe I’ll stop these lies and tell you everything and we won’t be so blue.

Your car crash stopped my breathing. Your car crash gave me air. Those bare hands can leave me breathless and take my life away. I’m tired of midnights at a table, in a room alone. Stop leaving me on the floor because you floored me every time. Tie my wrist to the mailbox, I never got a valentine. Who would want to try with me? I’m burning the fire, you washed me away. One, Two, Three. You’re like clockwork, every time you let me down. Ghostly and ghastly, I’m giving up my voice. You would like me better silent.

Taste my sin, you can see it in my eyes. I’d drink up the blue in yours. Like the ocean ever-flowing, did you get away in time? These are the runaway diaries of people that never needed to run; who would I ever run from? Let out the scream you’ve got in your throat, I’ve been screaming my heart out. If I counted all my thoughts of you, I’d be suicidal in love. Maybe you’ve already pushed me that far. You’ve got a mouth for rejection and a heart full of lies to spill. Take off, farewell! You never stayed too long. My eyes are red with conversation, my heart is green with sin. Breathe in, I’m monoxide girl. Killing is my skill. I slaughtered my self, perfect sacrifice. Goodbye is the hardest part.


Rikki [not romance]

Prom Night Stopped My Heart And I’m Way Past Breathing

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