4 Poems Of Undesired Uncensored Heart-Wrenching Anger, Guilt, Pain, and Lust

This isn’t what I paid for,
It’s not what I wanted
Lies revolving around innocent minds
Dealing out cards for the game.
You’re alwasy telling us,
What we see in you is real.
Well, I see a faker, a liar, a cheater
I see a guy that fakes his act together
Let’s just keep it at,
I don’t like what I see.

Book of lies
Worth every word
I’m drinking illusion
Slaying a dragon
There’s breaking down
And fading out
One sided mirror
We’re everything lost.

Dark light
It splutters and spits our affection
From the mouth of a wave
Oh what forgives us from the mouth of sin
Death is painted upon our wings
Like the feathers of fallen angels
Tell me the melody
It isn’t just an excuse for falling in love
There’s lies on my lips
Blood red as they stain
Are you running from me?
Hearts on my wrists,
Small doodles for an infinite cause
Love isn’t an excuse for doing my best
I’m no sun, no golden light
For you I’d swallow and drink this affection
Like acid burning through steel
You’re creeping up on me
And down my throat goes all those words
Every word I meant to say.
This isn’t resentment
And I’ve got no resistance left in me
Do you know how to disappear?

Skin deep
Just passing conversation
In a dream, we live
I’m not me or anyone else.
We live in clouds,
Storm clouds that is.
I don’t feel like being me.
Breathe and exhale
Just passing conversation
Nip and tuck personality
Can you see the sickness in my eyes?
Jokes, just jokes
Is it wrong being me?

I’m not sure what I’m writing about or what I’m trying to say; my fingers tingle from the lack of use. Tell me you still love me and you still care. Tell me I’m the same person I was yesterday.


4 Poems Of Undesired Uncensored Heart-Wrenching Anger, Guilt, Pain, and Lust

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