Novocaine Numbing My Screaming Deja Vu

You’re always blaming it on
Whatever you can get your hands on
Taking the fall for everything I’ve never done
I can only separate the days by the sun

It’s like I’m trying to scream
And you never took one for the team
Writing my lies and excuses for nothing
You don’t have to yell, I’m not the one who isn’t listening

Pencil to paper from seven to nine
The rest of my job is saying, “I’m fine.”
I forfeit, you can all have your way
I’m tired of living another day.

Oh Mom, what ever happened to,
“I love you.”

I need a lifejacket because I’m drowning in my living room. You’re telling me everything that’s wrong with me, but I’ve heard this all before. This water scorches my throat, it’s doesn’t matter; I have no will to speak to you anymore. Is it okay if I just sob it out for a second. I don’t want to be strong, I don’t want to fight anymore. Can you give me some more pills to fill ou this gaping hole? Or give me another in my head to match? I’m tired of failing.

I quit.


Novocaine Numbing My Screaming Deja Vu

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