You’re Oh So Talented With A Knife When You’re Cutting Happiness Out Of My Life

I’m ready to start giving up. You keep telling me the wrong thing and I keep thinking that this shouldn’t be happening to me. Water in my lungs, it makes me feel like I can breathe again. Your like toxic gas that I’m breathing in without any regrets. Have you forgotten how much I love you already? I’m so tired of feeling confused by my own emotions. Keep saying it; keep it going. I’m dying and melting, you’re my death note. Dancing in and out of love like musical notes on a page; only I don’t sound so beautiful.

I want to melt, die, and disappear. Let me free myself from these heartstrings; I’m going numb, babe. I’m my own beautiful disaster because I’m never so beautiful when I look at her. She’s what you always wanted and I’m the trash. Maybe if we all looked like Barbie, girl’s wouldn’t plasticize themselves. I feel like flying until the walls cave in. I’m caving in. Stop, start. Circles are what I draw on my notebooks because hearts are too temporary. Star lit romance with a cliche slowdance. Waltzing in and out of pain and suffering, is this really how life’s supposed to be. I can’t write anything beautiful because you keep pushing me into mirrors.

Can’t get you off my mind.
I don’t care what they say.
Sometimes you can worry yourself to death.”

– Peter Wentz

Diamond tears like diamond girls. They’re golddiggers just because you’ve got too much. Smiles like sunlight burn my eyes. I’m tuning in and out of your frequency and drowning myself in whatever cards I’m dealt. My heart’s rusting from the many times I stood in the rain just to make sure I’m still alive. You’re killing me and I’d gladly die for you.

“Jynx me something crazy
Thinking if it’s three
Then I’m as smooth as the skin
Rolls across the small of your back
It’s too bad it’s not my style
If you need me
I’m out and on the parkway
Patient and waiting for headlights
Dressed in a fashion that’s fitting to the
Inconsistencies of my moods.”
– Ghost Man On Third by Taking Back Sunday

I’m not sure if this is about who you think it is because I don’t even know who I am anymore. Love is a word that makes me cringe because I don’t know why I’m in and you’re out. Rest in peace because I’m causing an uproar. You sold me out and told me I was everything you needed. Isn’t it just such a shame I’m numb to every lie you spew with a sincere face.

It’s just good fun,
Real good fun.
Because we’re all pretending.
Cupid for a dime
Love for a million dollars.
Pick your match,
This is a fight till death do us part.
You deserve every sore you’ve got.
Liars spinning webs
From life lines and heartstrings.
Time for a quarter
But if you wanted a little bit more
I might just be in over my head.
Deep end, dead end
Toxic gasses in my lungs.
And it’s all good fun,
Real good fun.

Less Than Three;
Rikki [was all in good fun]

You’re Oh So Talented With A Knife When You’re Cutting Happiness Out Of My Life

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