Love Is Like Like But No One Says, “You’re Head Over Heels In Like.”

What would you want in a man? Or what would you look for in your one true love? What would they look like? Act like? I don’t even know what I’m looking for. My one requirement is that they make me happy… yeah, my other should probably be that they love me back. Although, returned love seems like a far away star; one that I won’t be wishing on anytime soon. Love these days is never like those heart-stopping moments in cheesy romance movies; the one where the lovers’ eyes connect and everything is coated in a pale white light. There’s no more slow motion scenes or beautifully written orchestral pieces in real life. It’s either the fact that one is in-love with someone else, but that love isn’t returned so they settle, or it’s the other way around. Why can’t we all just find the right love for us love them back?

Let’s fall in love and make ourselves the dreamy couple. Let’s be beautiful. Crossing the line one too many times, what happened to boys that make you smile. I hate that I spend every night hating myself for loving you, and you’ve never given me a second thought. Stop playing my heart strings like an instrumentalist; I’m so tired of aching for you. Could we stop acting like friends for a second and attatch our genders to it? Because I’m going insane waiting for you to just be ready for “us.” I think I’m past head over heels, I’m dying in this mind of mine. Crying is so last year, I’m ready for a smile to be sent my way. At the bottom of a pile of pills is where I would find my sloppy lipstick kiss to you, but I’m done with sulking and corners. This is my sloppy lovesick kiss to you that’s my way of saying, “I think I love you a bit more than I should.”

I don’t want to end up alone. I want my dreamer boy with beautiful eyes. I want the boy that might just be bad for my health. Stop making me wait, this aching is killing me. I need to feel needed and I need you. Tell me it’s the same at the other end of this entry. I’m the girl of lost love and the goddess of making mistakes. Tell me your the god of lies and heartbreak because you might just be what I need.

“The real you is what you’ve always had inside you and what you strive to be.”
– Gerard Way

“We all have something in common. No matter how perfect you think you are or no matter how perfect you think the person next to you is, we all have something in common. We all have a hell.”
– Sonny Moore

Less Than Three;
Rikki [wants a slowdance romance]

Love Is Like Like But No One Says, “You’re Head Over Heels In Like.”

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