Lines And Dots Spelling Out Everything I Tried To Tell You

The weather’s nice and it’s making me think my mood follows the weather. My day today has been relatively good. I avoided going to the doctor. Yeah, I’ve got this nasty allergic reaction rash on the side of my face. It’s starting to get better, so I didn’t have to go to the doctor today. Oh, ain’t it hilarious that I want to be a doctor when I grow up and I hate going to the doctor?

Anyway, life’s hardly as exciting as I’d like it to be. I’m a sucker for electric lifestyles. Sleeplessness, a new city every day, night lights on the horizon. That’s the life I wish I could live. Oh, we could be rockstars, couldn’t we? A dash of talent would be nice, but that’s pushing it, right? Famous is the dream. Life is the reality we’re all attatched to. Stages and strobe lights. Microphones and after-after-after parties. We’re all dreamers wishing on stars, but a meaning in life is a priveledge. And we haven’t been doing anything good. So we’re merely vines growing in wishful directions until they cut us down. Then we start all over again, don’t we? I’m asking questions. Listen and answer. Tell me what I want to hear.

Dreamer girl with the broken wing. Stargirl lost her sparkle. Mister got married and ended his life. Oh no, what have we become? We’re just thriving hopelessness, tell me something I haven’t already heard. Vintage love for the broken hearted, are hearts recyclable? I’d trade you mine if someone would just give me theirs, but I’m alone in this mind and it’s getting colder every day. You looked prettier from the other side of the mirror and so did I. We’re living out of minds and bodies. We’re crying out our tears. I’m telling you everything I didn’t mean, but niether of us are listening. Can you look me in the eye for once? Can we be midnight lovers for once? Heartless is the sister of lonely and I’m lonely enough for the both of us.

Get her out of your mind and you better know I’m moving in. I love you and everything I say I hate about you. Hating you is like ending an addiction, it takes a lot of separation, but the tree of you is branched out in my mind. You in my dreams and thoughts, my breath and senses. Everywhere isn’t even enough for you. Let’s go back to when boys had cooties and gold was always at the end of the rainbow. I’ve gone to the end of every rainbow and why is it that all I find is you? Purple hearts for the brave and black hearts for the hurting. It’s like a bruise. You’re leaving your bruise on my heart. Stopping my blood in it’s tracks and making me faint. Emotions and sedatives have got me numb. I’m trying not to lose you, but you’re going back and I’m going black.

Here’s my heart. Have it and keep it. I’d trade it for yours, but if you’ve got nothing to give… that’s alright with me. These words are running like tears and crashing like waves. Get me out of this mind.

Less Than Three;
Rikki [conquered

Lines And Dots Spelling Out Everything I Tried To Tell You

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