Ink On The Paper Like How I Wish Your Hands Would Be On My Skin

Have you seen the new video for I Don’t Love You by My Chem? Yeah, it pretty much depressed the hell out of me. Gerard’s expression in the music video could probably make a lot of people cry. The girl’s eyes kind of freaked me out, but they don’t seem so scary after watching over and over again.

These days are grape seeds wound around our hearts. Tangling and planting themselves deep inide our souls. Tell me that we won’t rot away. We won’t will we? “Till death do us part.” Oh, I wasn’t aware I died. Maybe I should be. Could I just erase myself for a second, so my thougths could become beautiful? Don’t make me cave in again. I’ve been losing myself for you. I’d starve myself if it made me more beautiful, but I’m rotten from the inside out. Do you understand that I can’t win against you? Tell me you’d end the fight for me just this once.

Blackened souls against a white background. I’ve lost myself in the tunes of depression. Let me out of this box, Pandora’s Box. Locked out of the world and your heart. It’s cold out here, I miss the feeling of naive love. I miss the feeling of life. “I love you.” It’s not worth the time I’ve already put in the clock for those three words I’m still missing. My ears are sore from listening to anyone that would tell me they loved me at one time. You don’t need to tell me. I don’t love you.

Today is the last piece of the teardrop thread. Do you want to join the club? We’ll preach heartbreak and hell. Darkness is what you make of it. Reality has become poisoned by all the shit. I’d tell you the truth, but it might just cost you your life. Get out of my life, just to come back and show me it all may have meant something to you. I’m crying to let you know I needed you once. Once upon a time, you made me smile. Once upon a time, I smiled. I’m sorry for always being dissapointed in you, it runs in the family.

I’ve got nothing left to say to you, not after every criticism I listened to that spewed from your heart-wrenching lips. There’s nothing that I could say or write that would show you how much I adored you at one time. I’m getting over you. It’s the lie that makes me feel like you didn’t matter that much to me. But my journal reads your name and so does my heart. I’m attatched to you and I can’t get myself to let go. Break out the needles, I need some sugery quickly. Get me out of this mindset and make me beautiful with a batch of miracle pills. Maybe I’ll become you angel for one day, but one day in this mind is a second in yours and I haven’t got a second left to give you.

Less Than Three;
Rikki [is everything you’re not]

Ink On The Paper Like How I Wish Your Hands Would Be On My Skin

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