Broken Wishes Are Sold To The Soul Eaters; They’ve Got Some Dirt On You

I wrote you a letter at school before I cried myself to sleep, shredded a report and annotated bibliography with tear stained hands, and pretended to composed myself. I don’t even know what I’m trying to tell you or obtain from you. Is it pity? Or maybe empathy? It doesn’t matter, no one’s got anything for me. It’s me and only me. I’m your stray broken-soul girl, star-stained corpse and all.

I’ve got a secret worth no one’s while. There’s a window cracked open to freeze the blood in our veins. Let’s talk in code until the mirrors decode us. Forigive the messenger and oh the misery, so hideously painted on our faces. Verses of words faked for a laugh. Have you got a confession to make? I’m the pope of high hopes and I’ve been broken down one too many times. Scrawled lines revealing that I don’t understand. How do we work? Can you tell me something beautiful? Inflate this ego until we explode like stars. Rock stars in the eys of the masses. Chemistry gods making you fall like a million banana peels. I’m your fallen angel of lost causes. Hate n the hands of the beholders. Start something magnificent. Make the crowd go away. Magic tricks, pretty tunes. It’s like you don’t know what one word does to me. This is me in your words. Make me a role model. Make me ideal. Painted lies in black and white. Simplicity makes your eyes so much brighter.

Passed out on the floor from every phrase exchanged over tear stained letters. Secret hearts for secret lovers. March in line, you have to keep in line. Stop fucking with the innocents minds of little girls. The lovers hated you and they’re burning in hell for you. Good evening for the night.

Make me feel like I’m not falling apart. Kill me just to breathe some life into me. Get me out of this costume, it’s constricting my mouth and choking me. Get me to wherever you are. That’s all that I need.

Less Than Three;
Rikki [is more hideous than you could ever be]

Broken Wishes Are Sold To The Soul Eaters; They’ve Got Some Dirt On You

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