The Sunlight Is Your Excuse To Be My Every Reason For Giving Up

Somehow we’re all hiding something. Have you got a story to tell me? Oh well, I’ve always got something to tell you. Sometimes it’s lies, sometimes it’s more truthful than you’d ever know, sometimes I forget I told you, sometimes I tell you twice. Sometimes it’s in overrated poetic words, sometimes it’s not beautiful at all. Sometimes you just don’t believe me. Hide me in the shadows of light, I’ve been in shadows all my life. Life isn’t life without a vow of forever that turns out to be worth nothing. “Till tonight do us part.”

Move to trash. I’m erasing everything that once told me we were a possibility. Everything that spews from your mouth is a lie, right? It’s an understatement. Trust was when I never thought you could break someone in two letters. If you end a word with a period, it’ll hurt her that much more, isn’t that right? I used to hope we were thinking the same thing. No, we’re fire and water. You stop me in my tracks and I could burn myself to death. Where did the median go? The place where we could meet for a second, where I could look into your eyes for one second and think “this is where I want to die.” In your eyes, that’s the only place I want to stay. In your thoughts, they’re the only thing that could kill me immediately.

Could we go back to golden silver days filled with glitter and plastic pearls? Dress-up girls conquered the land of “Never-was.” And you were just another name in the uneven cootie catcher. Hopscotch queen for a day, you never stopped my heart this way. Oh god, don’t let me lose myself. The dark days are upon us and there’s no escaping it now. Sing me a harmony worth my money, and tell me love is my eyes reflected in yours.

Let’s hide the hurt in faux sparkling smiles and the rings around our eyes. They’re the only one’s we’ll ever have. Don’t pressure me into something I never wanted and don’t tell me this isn’t something worth my life because you’ll always be worth each drop of blood I could bleed for you. And I guess I’m worth every lie you use to wrap me around your finger.

We’re the stairwell kids, hiding in the cracks of the pavement. Leave us to rot away and tangle ourselves in spider webs. You won’t save us from our own demise; you were always one to believe in “those who are down were the ones that got themselves there.” I’m sorry for loving you.

We found the path leading back to “Never-was” and that’s where we’ll stay.

Less Than Three;
Rikki [cut out your tongue]

The Sunlight Is Your Excuse To Be My Every Reason For Giving Up

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