Phrases Of Faux Affection Are My Specialty When I’m Telling You How I Feel

The big day. Big for 15 minutes where all eyes are on you. Oh, you were only big for so long and you got so old quickly. Do you understand what I’m trying to say? I’m not so sure what to preach. Spinning webs of lines and lies that the world is round and everyone dies. I don’t want to die. I just want to be here with you. We could stare at the sky and you’d dust the dirt out of my hair. Could we do something like that one day? Could we be something like that one day? Every day is the battle we never even attempt to fight. Seal those letters with tears because I’ve got so many to spare. You told me to stop crying. Well, when I breakdown you’re never there. I’ll lie on the bathroom floor telling myself, “You’ll be okay.” Oh how much we lie to ourselves.

I’m always staying quiet because you intimidate me. There’s always something wrong with me. I don’t want to be wrong again. Why do you keep making me feel like shit? Sorry, if I’m too overwhelming for you. I’m always compromising “me” for you. Is this even you anymore? I can never tell, I’ve never known you. Would you be happier if I just answered “yes.” to everything you say? Would you be happier if I wasn’t me? I think everyone would. There’s no excuse for being me. Horrible is an understatement. That’s what we are. We’re just The Understatement of the Year. Stop pretending you care; acting was never your forte.

I won’t cut myself. I just write your heartfelt on my ankle in Sharpie, telling myself no one will ever know. There’s someone out there that’s for me, isn’t there? Did they die four years ago? Because I can’t find them and someone by my side would help me this once.

“I’ll be happy for your life, even if I hate it all.”

Paint me white, so the sun will never blind us again. Tell me the beauty can be borrowed from someone who is so much more beautiful, but we don’t need it to survive. Is everything such an overstated thing? Because I’m ready to exaggerate a bit today. It’s the time for heartbreaking words that make you regret every breath you’ll take for all your life. Don’t tell me to forget, I’m not here for friendships. Destruction is my forte.

When did reality separate from the romance novel? Because the boys just do it better in the imaginations of fairy princess girls. When did we hand in our wings for anybody we’ve got? When did we start to settle for something below our standards? I don’t want to settle. I want you. Romance novels are what girls write when they can’t find their prince. Oh, where art thou? Star-crossed lovers are we. So stop stalling and tell me I make your heart beat faster than the electricity that runs through your veins when we touch. Tell me, “this is all I’ve ever wanted.”

Let’s live in the aftermath and remember all that we’ve lost. Don’t tell me it’s lost. Can I tell you now that my heart flies with bats everytime my eyes meet yours? Can I tell you that you make me want to kill myself just to make me seem a little better for you? You’re everything that I had hoped for [when you know nothing about me and I know nothing about you]. We’re all that we can ever be, are we nothing yet? The world ends in 4 days when I’m high on everything that’s not true about you. We’re writing rhymes about every make-believe in our minds. I could believe in for you. That’s what you’ve always wanted, right? Me not being me is all you could ever wish for.

When we cut out little pieces of the story, we all tend to change for the worst.

Less Than Three;
Rikki [wrote you a heartfelt]

Phrases Of Faux Affection Are My Specialty When I’m Telling You How I Feel

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