So Afraid of Failing, You Must Realize That It’s Not Me You’re Looking At

I’ve gotten eight hours of sleep in total this work. It’s so frustrating to have so much work to do; I just need some sleep. Been fading out of life today and you’re not noticing anything at all. Take me apart and wish me good luck, care to give this puzzle a try. I keep changing for you, my mind is never blank with your eyes on hers. It’s solo time; I’ve been parading around school like I’m not so broken. But it wasn’t supposed to work this way.

Breathe in the monoxide, it’ll cure that wandering hand that she’s so fond of. Envy’s my specialty, so don’t try to turn this around on me. Lies have got as much truth in them as there is in you. The games you play make me press rewind. Can’t we go back to mornings where the world was ours and I was innocent? I need my prince charming right now. This shoulder’s getting tired, give me some stability.

Maybe if you and I were beautiful. Maybe if this world wasn’t so cruel. We could let go of this anxiety and find ourselves some saviours. At 4 in the morning, I can’t stop thinking of you, but I don’t even know you. These writings on my arm keep telling me 4 is 2 + 2; but we don’t walk in twos, do we? Make a wish for me to tell you “I love you with everything I’ve got.” Oh, but dollface… I ain’t got anything.

Write pretty little rhymes
To make up for all the bad times,
But we won’t tell a soul about what we’ve done.
These battles were lost, but we’re all for one,
Right? ’cause I’m not sure if I believe anymore.
Your always slamming that bedroom door
Leaving me, playing my heartstring violin.
Oh and you know that I’d let you win;
Any day and anytime that’s good for you.
Strut your stuff saying I haven’t got a clue.
But I know, I’ve always know you better
You’ll always miss me, you’re gonna’ regret her.

Less Than Three;
Rikki [the rejection queen]

So Afraid of Failing, You Must Realize That It’s Not Me You’re Looking At

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