Call Me The Scene Because I’m Always So Good At Playing A Part

I’m not quite sure what I’m doing anymore. These days are like your eyes and they’re making me want to just stand where I am for a little while. Let’s just stay on pause for a little while. Stare at the sky, can you reach it? When did we lose the time in a day for stargazing? I miss you, and I miss smiles. I miss childish fights that lasted a minute before we missed each other. I want those days back when we didn’t spread rumors and gossip was just six letters we couldn’t spell. When did we grow up so quickly? When did school begin to dominate our lives? Just stop for me. Dance in the street with me. Jump into puddles of rainfall dreams with me.

I’m feeling sick of these fast moving streets. I need to run through the flowers. I need to breathe in the scent of the newly washed linen. I just want to be able to wake up to the sun outside my window and look for a second. I need a second. A minute. A day. A year. Forever with you. Could we fall in love? Could we just be friends for a day? Complications could just melt my heart away. I’m tired of trying too hard to just impress the world. I want to be free. I want to fly. I want to be happy and all smiles like when we ran in the summer grass barefoot.

Can’t we believe in cooties again? Can’t we play freeze tag again? When did we get too old to cry? Oh, girlie, these days won’t wait for us anymore. Night to days to years later. Maybe we could melt away. Everafter isn’t so far away. When did it get necessary for us to use our indoor voices? Those days seem like lightyears behind us. Dear, don’t you miss me? Don’t you miss when you were my best friend? Don’t you miss when mornings meant seeing your shining face? Oh, I missed it all before it ended. Because these days aren’t waiting for me and I can’t cry for missing them. “We all have to grow up some day.” No, no. I won’t. Don’t make me, please. Oh, my heart can’t take this.

Remember the gold and blue. Remember me before I missed you. Will you ever see this face again? I’ve never seen that face for so long. Saturday mornings when they were filled with cartoons. Sunday mornings when they brought that special breakfast. Nights where mommies and daddies weren’t fighting. Back when the safest place was my parents’ bed. Oh, don’t make me lose you. Don’t make me let you go. People always leave. Leave me standing here for nothing. I can’t breathe in this sterile air anymore. I’m just the jealous type that needs you more than each day that passes us by. Let’s get back those “Hi…” folowed by a Blank Stare days. Four fights, four minutes to get back in the class room, four people in the bathroom at once, four minnutes till we all get to where we are.

Less Than Three;
Rikki [is your online confession]

Call Me The Scene Because I’m Always So Good At Playing A Part

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