Love Letters Adressed To Yours Truly, Written Outside The Lines

I’m dying from trying to
Find a cure to this misery.
And you’re killing me faster
By letting me see what I wish I had.
Dancing in and out of hearts
Written on my every notebook.
Do you see how much I need you?
Standing on ceilings to get in a word
Cursing these lips and those lips
Oh, you’re sucking me in.
Your main prefession in heart breaking
And I swear, you’re more than a pro
Oh boy, if only you’d know
Driving me in and out of bursting into tears.
Collapse and Relapse
Forsaken the never-was.
Freak out, Break out
These margins are getting too tight.
For you, baby, I’d sell the world.
For you, baby, could I be your world?
Sent out the letter today,
We lost it in translation.
The faint beeping of hearts lying in hospitals
We go deaf from the sound.
And if you died, here and now.
I would wish one thing,
Can you remember me and never misplace my love?

Snowball’s tomorrow. I’m not ready for this. I’m not ready to pretend like I feel excepted. I’m extremely nervous; firstly I look hideous in dresses; second I always manage to walk out of a social event looking like a complete fool. Oh and maybe I am. Maybe I think about things to long. And maybe I enjoy feeling like you could never understand. Tell me how horrible I am. I know you and your tricks; not tricking anyone, girlie. Give me a shot of confidence, so maybe I could sing you to death. Live, live for every reason we pretend to have. A death close to the heart, are you falling apart? Oh so clever, and hardly entertaining.

Liar, Liar you know how to bring on the catastrophe. Catalyst, baby, you know you can drive me insane.

Less Than Three;
Rikki [on the horizon]

Love Letters Adressed To Yours Truly, Written Outside The Lines

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