Start Me Up And Fight Till I’m Out, This Gets Old So Quickly

I’m not feeling so beautiful today,
I feel like you’re painting me a fool.
Do you know what your every word
Can do to me?
I want a love where our hearts beat in tune.
I want to be the reason you smile.
I need to know someone just gives a shit.
So, give me some satisfaction,
And let me go on dreaming.
Yesterday ran like rain water
Today is falling away from us
I don’t want these days to get the best of me.
Dolled up and hardly beautiful
I’m sitting on walls just to get to you
Never noticed that this is true,
I may not be lying to you.
Stop wasting time with letters and words
They’ve never kept me company.
This controversy has got the best of us.
Drawing tiny stars all over my notes
One for every prayer of you.
Last wish never brought me anything good
I guess it’s time, time to move on.

Don’t call me crazy. I’m just crying for attention. When the cameras flash, do you feel anymore beautiful? Behind those curtains, you’re vulnerable. Behind those curtains, no one cares. Behing those eyelids are stars in the sky. So don’t stop, we can make this right. Flash of attention. “I love you, too.” Don’t mention it. These records are broken and their playing your heart over and over again. “Give up? You’re about to win!” Those close calls could drive you mad. Your foots mark is still fresh at the starting line, are you really ready to go back? This ain’t a shotgun wedding, babe; don’t call this Las Vegas. Paint us up some beautiful; it’s all that they’ve got left. Leave for the praying birds, “you’ve never looked so beautiful!” Oh mirrors broke for us. Fresh baked for the taking. Take me as I am; ugly, dark, fragile, and needy. All I need is a home. A home where we can live “forever and ever, you’ll stay in my heart and I will love you. Forever and ever, we never shall part. Oh how I’ll love you.”

Yeah, I’ve been dreaming in a corny 90’s movie. Burn me to ashes and bury me below the dead. I’m on the 9th layer of hell, babe.

Less Than Three;
Rikki [on the horizon]

Start Me Up And Fight Till I’m Out, This Gets Old So Quickly

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