Laugh And Hope I Believe That You Didn’t Mean It At All

Love and heart break is everything in this world
If not the very air we breathe.
Did we all intend to drive one another crazy with hate?
What once felt so innocent,
Made everyone so bitter.
Sometimes I just don’t care what you say,
It’s possible to breathe in the romance.
But this world is so alluring and lying,
Don’t ever think that you’re sure about me.
You may just find a mirror behind these eyes
And I may just break you down.
I want that call after we close our doors,
Where all you wanted to say was
“I love you.”
Those days where you make me feel as if
Childhood was just a speck against this bliss.
They call me a hopeless romantic
Not just because I’m a hopeless cause,
But because love may be more hopeless than me.
Honestly, this world ain’t so pretty.
So grab your guns and we’ll paint the sky red.
Don’t forget, I’ll be the best you ever had.
Romantics are just sweet little girls too scared to grow up,
They’ve got no idea what a bitter world they’re facing.
Lock this smile behind an envelope and seal,
I’ll send it to the boy next door.
“I must apologize, miss, but your letter was misplaced in the mail.”
We’re losers on a team that just wants to win.
Have you got a cure for shame?
“Baby”, “Honey”, “Sweetie”… did you just forget my name?
Are you watching all the “Brittany”s and “Pamela”s pass?
Sorry, I maybe I asked Santa for a little too much this year.
Let’s bury my heart underneath a brightly lit tree,
I hope you like you gift this year,
I made it just for you.

“So we’re talking forever and
You almost feel better,
But better’s no excuse for tonight.
You see it’s never bad enough
To just leave or give up,
But it’s never good enough to feel right.”

Laugh And Hope I Believe That You Didn’t Mean It At All

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