Make Fashion Statement, You Less Than Fashionable “Freaks”

Painting this picture before my eyes
I’ve never seen something so wrond and real
Don’t fake this anymore, please
I know you’re just trying to get to me
And you are – oh you are
So move your ass off my back
Stop pushing me farther into this oblivion
I can’t survive off knowing, but knowing nothing at all
Find me another reason to start believing
Believe me. Just hear me when I say,
“Please save me and show me a miracle.”
It’s been too late, we’re too different now
I think you lied again and again
Hoping I would fall for your not-so enticing words
I haven’t touched the dye lately
So you must be a little light on your feet
And even lighter in your mind

Maybe we can just stop spinning in circles
It’s about time that we get sick
Of this amusement park cliche, this gossip culture board game
So drop the pieces and walk away
I’ve never given something up so easily
I guess you never meant that much anyway
Sorry, baby, we’re just some foolish lost children
Don’t look to a lost girl for some guidance
I can only give so much – till I start taking
I just can’t help myself
Faking this badly made facade
A poem, a confession has opened the can
But what does it contain?
It’s smells a little bitter – so don’t call
Don’t call me weak and naive
For just hoping I could believe in anything you say
I overdosed on the hopeful pills – these high hopes
Will you let them fall on me?
Just whisk me away, please
Blend me into this baking cake
Cake of doom – cake with love
Love has become so fragile
No longer in the peak of it’s youth
So stop moving along like time hasn’t run out
We’re not the perfect four anymore.

Liar, Liar. You’ve turned me weak. Just tell me what is it exactly you seek?

“And I just hope you know,
That if you say,
Good-bye today,
I’d ask you to be true.

Cause the hardest part of this,
Is leaving you… “

Make Fashion Statement, You Less Than Fashionable “Freaks”

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