Stick Your Head Into Fire, Maybe Then You’ll Have A Reason To Be So Emo

Damn, idiots. I’m just reading along on the Panic! messageboard because I’m a loser with the face of a sinner and the life of a virgin. And just about every thread is just “OH EM GEE! I LUV U BRADNEN!” or “HUH RYAN WLIL U MRRAY ME!” uh… no? I mean, isn’t it about time we all wipe away the clouds from our eyes and just get real. No, you aren’t going to marry any of the band members you whore. It’s just not real. They aren’t ever going to just pull you out of the crowd at their concerts and spontaneously proclaim their love for you. And there’s even less of a chance they’re going to pop out of your computer screen with a 2 million dollar diamond ring for you. Hey, if it ever does happen, send me a letter and I will personally send my apologies… and ask for a postcard from your honeymoon.

I’m not saying you can’t like their music or buy their merch or what not. I mean, I’d be quite the hipocrite (which i technically am) if I said you couldn’t like their lyrics or whatnot. What I’m saying is, it’s pathetic and a bit sad when all these teenage girls decide they are dedicating their life to trying to marry some mamber of some chart-topping band. And you have to have some sympathy for the members of the band that have to deal with the constant screaming of how “hawt” they are, rather than praises on the incredible job they did on their album or what your favorite line from this song was. But also, it’s just corrupting the band’s mind into thinking their the shizznit or some shit like that. Then you all just complain about them selling out and shit like that. Well, IT’S YOUR FAULT! So, go and marry some boy/girl that you actually know and like rather than some rockstar you see in the tabloids.

I understand that there’s a time when every little girl… and maybe little boy has a crush on some celebrity, but I also know that eventually, you have to just let go of it. So, just move on, please? For the sake of the music and social scene, just move on!

Life (noun): Somewhere that you act, live, and breathe the social scene.

“In this town, don’t we love it now?
Everybody’s waiting for the next surprise
Round that corner, man hiding in the trash cam
Something’s waiting no to pounce, and how you’ll…
Scream! This is Halloween
Red ‘n’ black, slimy green.

Stick Your Head Into Fire, Maybe Then You’ll Have A Reason To Be So Emo

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