Forever, You Will Always Be My Sweetest Scar

I feel so clueless and cold.
I feel broken and old.
Did you hear my cries of angst or laughter
That’s what we call it now,
But it isn’t, is it?
Will you carry on without me
And erase my face from your mind?
I can’t do the same
You’ll always be here with me.
You are my sweetest scar.

I keep thinking of him, like his face is implanted in my mind again. What happened to falling out of love? And forgetting those bats that flutter like butterflies? You never knew me and I still wish I knew you for a brief second like she’ll always know you. It’s okay, you can let go. If you had anything in the first place… I’ll try my best to keep my eyes from getting lost in yours and my heart from beating a mile a minute when she’s in your arms.

Send my heart to the dancefloor and let’s dance this heartache away.

My birthday’s tomorrow, my lucky number, and all I want is you. It’s like Christmas, another empty wish. They’ll all be visiting their soul-mates and I’ll sit on the ceiling watching it all pass by. You’re just a passerby. Will I notice you on a sidewalk ten years from now? And when I walk past you, will you pine for me as I do now? I know you’ll still be with her and I’ll still be alone. But maybe this year will be different and I’ll write a song to sing to you that won’t make you throw up. Or maybe I should just drop this face and settle down for the monster inside this head.

I’m just the girl that always does as she is told.

Good things don’t happen to good people. They happen to the people better than you. Bad things happen to those who help others when they’re betrayed and left behind. They’re all two thousand light-years away and they’re not stopping anytime soon. So, I’ll sit down on this cold ground and wallow in my misery. Let’s all go emo.

If suicide is so selfish, I must be boughtfish.

“And we’ll march along, with our blindfolds on
And we’ll ride the rails, with our pistols drawn
Can the Lord above, forgive what we’ve done?
Can we fight to save our souls?”

Forever, You Will Always Be My Sweetest Scar

One thought on “Forever, You Will Always Be My Sweetest Scar

  1. you’re birthday!! [which i didnt send you a card for T.T] i hope it went well.
    and i am so JELOUS of you! you write so beautifully [even when you’re in pain! haha…ok not funny…ok alittle funny] i am so damn sick but that one little post you wrote totally made my entire week. and any guy who doesn’t notice your brillance isn’t worth your time anyways.
    but you gotta SHOW him your brillance eh? write that song chica! you’ll win his heart in a second flat =]

    <3love you so tremendously much


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