Testing: 3… 2… You’re Dead

Everything’s been in fast forward lately. I was supposed to do so much this summer. Maybe influence a life or actually achieve a goal? But none of it gets done. What if my life continues this way? I mean, didn’t we all have dreams as children. What happened to those? What about being the firefighter to save a life? Where did he go? Oh, he began to work at Wal-Mart and just never got out. I don’t want that to be me! I never thought I’d be one of them when I was older. The question, how do I stop?

I guess this is just how our society runs. We dream up some fantasy, but like everything it’s moved to the back of our minds slowly, postponed for a lifetime. Soon every summer into fall and every fall into summer again. Nothing done. Will we all just keep driving home to our medium sized, white house just to wake up the next and bring our kids to school in the tan minivan? Where were the rockstars, actresses, ballerinas, firefighters, policemen? Where did the children of our hearts go?

We used to live like heroes; now we’re just average Joes.

“Did it all get real, I guess it’s real enough
They got refrigerators full of blood
Another century spent pointing guns
At anything that moves
Sometimes I worry that I’ve lost the plot
My twitching muscles tease my flippant thoughts
I never really dreamed of heaven much
Until we put him in the ground

Testing: 3… 2… You’re Dead

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