In The Evening, It’s You And Me

It’s pretty late at the moment. But sleep has really been losing it’s meaning in my mind lately. I’ve probably slept a combined amount of 10 hours this whole week. Right now, I’m nearly certain my body has adapted to the lack of rest by producing its own caffine. Does that mean I’m going to be super short? Well, at least it’s the weekend now.

Maybe I should be overjoyed about the fact that it’s the weekend, but for some reason… I’m not. Actually, it’s not really just “some reason”. It’s more because of the fact that I’m going to Chinatown with my mom and sister tomorrow today. And whever we go to Chinatown, we always end up going to my Grandmother’s house that she shares with just almost all seven of my aunts and uncles. I hope You want to know why I hate it? Because my extended family pretty much believes 3 things:

  1. Rock music makes you deaf, dumb, and drop out of high school.
  2. My sister is the perfect daughter and I should “be more like her
  3. “Blacks” are worse.

Yeah, do you see why now?

Well, maybe I can track down a random empty room for me to lock myself in. Hey, I might be lucky and they won’t even try to talk to me. That way, I’ll be able to listen to my music and maybe get some writing done. That’d be nice. Especially because my writing mojo has comeback after it’s long, long vacation.

I’d better get going now. Let’s see if sleep actually does effect me anymore. And I also have to prepare my iPod by charging it up. Speaking of electronics, where the hell is my cell phone? I guess this is my cue.

You and me, me and you. That ended a long time ago…

“I hide behind these words
Think of all the places where you’ve been
Lost and found (out)
In between my sheets
In between the rights and the wrongs.”

In The Evening, It’s You And Me

One thought on “In The Evening, It’s You And Me

  1. this one just checked her email only to find that she was LOVED! yay riki =] your xanga kicks ass [damn you.] =P well once i find out how you make these things more pretty i’ll bug you again ^.^
    <3love always

    p.s no disrespect to your sis, but you’re MY perfect daughter. DUH
    [[[no sex til your married.]]]


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